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Galban Electric, LLC came to fruition when the owner Mark Galban was 5 years old and worked with his stepdad who was an electrical engineer and designed HVAC and chiller systems for large industrial buildings and skyscrapers. 
He became interested in the goings-on of the electrical world and learned many things by working closely with his stepdad.
Galban Electric was started in 2003 with Mark as the only employee and doing side jobs and service work.  Galban Electric soon went from a sole person and became a registered company for the state of California in 2009.  During the year of 2009, Galban Electric mainly did remodels and service call work in South Orange County of California.  One of the first large jobs was the Mariners Church, in S Orange County, and did approximately $100k project with them where they did an expansion for a satellite location, with 2 theatres side by side, and made it into one big room and which became a large worship center.  This church has approximately 15,000 parishioners.  From there they continued to work and grow the company and added on many other large projects.  One of them was doing some renovation work for Schnieder Electric, one of the largest electrical supply companies in the United States.
Galban Electric soon partnered with a company called Flex Stage, where they traveled all around the country doing lighting, video, and audio upgrades for the local churches.  
In 2010 Galban Electric ventured into the newest and upcoming phase of electrical and that was solar power.   Where they worked on multiple projects in the San Fernando Valley and Imperial Valley. Where Galban Electric had approximately 500 installations.

In 2019 Galban Electric Came to Idaho to start the business and earned their Idaho Public Works License.  One of the first jobs that Galban Electric did was the electrical renovation of the locker rooms in the gym for Meridian High School.  Galban has done chiller replacements for Les Bois High School and  River Glenn High School.  
One of the major commercial projects that have been completed was the Maverick in Caldwell, at the 10th Street Exit.
Galban Electric has continued to grow, in 2021 Galban Electric made its way into the cell phone industry by completing battery cabinet change-out upgrades for KMM.  
Galban Electric is also able to work for the Government and has completed the appropriate qualifications which allowed them to complete the Lucky Peak Renovation. 
In 2022 some of their most recent projects have been the new location for Upcycle, a new restaurant called Uncle Bob’s Pizza.
Current projects include the Olive Garden on Chinden that is being built, TruGrocer, Riverpointe Townhomes, and LensCrafters.  A newly built hanger, several home renovations, new home builds, and multiple solar installations.
Galban Electric is also a licensed Generac dealer, which includes generator installations and solar systems, we offer our services from Mccall to Twin Falls.
Galban Electric strives to keep its customers as its number one priority by offering competitive pricing to everyone and on-time service. 

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